And now we’re down to our final few days here at Zhuhai.  I’m still trying to process what has just happened the past 2 months.  When it comes to writing, be it an essay or a blog post, I can never find the right words to convey how I’m feeling.  So I leave you with a random list of things that have made me happy here in Zhuhai (in no particular order).

– Eating dinner with my host family

– Playing with Gao’s 2 year old brother

– Attempting to repeat the Chinese that my family and students have taught me (Zou!  Kuai dian!  Xianzai!)

– Chilling with the students in the office

– Getting a massage with Mary

– Messing around with Lanche (“Lunch. No Lunch.”)

– Running around the school track with Rebecca, Zhe, and Abby

– Singing “Waving Flag” with my singing class

– Forcing Top to wear his red bracelet

– Talking with the students of Jinan University

– Instant Messaging my students on QQ

– When Vivabel and Debbie brought the songs back to the right tempo and key

– Grabbing lunch with students

– Using hand motions and broken English to communicate

– Learning about the Chinese culture

– Meeting my host family’s extended family

– Group classes with Ji Won, Shariza, and De’Shaun

– Joking around with Lulu

– Exploring the city by getting lost with Abby

– Setting up penpals between my students and American students

– Impromtu jam sesh

– Frisbee with the kids

– Eating the delicious food of Cedric’s host mom


– Immersing myself in a different culture with 11 strangers

—– Jerbear ——