Turn our cafeteria into a rehearsal space


DukeEngage 珠海音乐学院

By Hsiao-Mei Ku

“Am I dreaming?” “Where am I?” For a while, I was confused and I thought I was back in my earlier conservatory days. First, I heard the sound of a flute as I walked toward No.9 Middle School. Then I heard a clarinet! Of course, the violin sound will never escape my ears. Yep, there was a guitar accompanying the violin as well. Aiya, the saxophone was singing the countermelody! Wow, there was some kind of instrumental choir going on. Ai, I thought I heard a singing voice along with the sound of ukulele, too.

Between teaching classes and long service days, our students would take out their instruments for fun. They not only enjoy playing what they knew, and but they are also learning new Chinese tunes. A couple of them even taught one-on-one lessons to the No. 9 School students and that was beyond the duty of teaching the 16 extra curricular classes that we offered here. I know my 12 Duke students are majoring in over 10 different areas and that they are all artistically talented. But they continue to amaze me with what they can come up with every day! Well, I have a good idea! Maybe we can form a DukeEngage Zhuhai Band? Ahha, I even have someone in mind to be the conductor!